As the consultation process unfolds, final documents related to the development of a Fish & Wildlife Program will be posted here for easy access.

Draft Documents
for Review

There are no draft documents for review at this time.

Final Documents

Concurrence Letters and MOA’s

The 1991 Fish and Wildlife Agreement states that prior to implementation of the study plans, the parties to the agreement shall review the plans and concur with their scope of work. All concurrence letters are available below. In addition, the Project Owners worked with the Parties to the 1991 Agreement to execute two Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs), one with the State of Alaska and one with the two federal parties (NMFS and USFWS) to address specific legal concerns regarding the proposed flow releases. These MOAs are also available below.

Concurrence with Year 1 Study Plans
MOAs for Year 1 Flow Releases

IIP Reference Documents

This section contains relevant documents and existing information that our team has obtained from various sources and compiled for easy reference. This does not represent all of the information we have gathered to date, and more documents may be added over time.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Schedule and Communication Protocols

Section 3: History of Development in the Eklutna Basin
and Project Tailrace Area

History of Development Documents

Section 4: Project Facilities and Operations

Facilities & Operations Documents

Section 5: Description of Existing Environment

Section 5.3: Water Resources
Section 5.9: Cultural Resources

Section 6: Project Effects, PMEs Suggested by Others, and Information Needs


This section contains resolutions that have been passed by the Project Owners, the Native Village of Eklutna, and other stakeholders regarding the requirements of the 1991 Fish and Wildlife Agreement for the Eklutna Hydroelectric Project.